Spiritual Competencies Profile
There are many Christian ministers who are faithful in the Lord's service and yet are spiritually impoverished. This happens because of a lack of attention to their relationship with the Lord. What results is a spiritual bankruptcy that affects them personally and professionally. The Spiritual Competencies Profile was developed to help pastors identify patterns of spiritual behavior that significantly impact spiritual growth and development. The instrument is built upon 15 spiritual competencies grouped in five clusters entitled:
  1. Spiritual Vitality

  2. Personal Well-Being

  3. Healthy Relationships

  4. Personal Development

  5. Anointed Leadership

An individual who takes the Spiritual Competencies Profile will receive a picture of how he or she is presently investing in each of the categories listed above. Individual profile scores within each category are then compared to a norm score based upon others who have previously used this instrument.

There are four advantages to discovering a person's SCP:

  1. It will help shape a vision for a vital relationship with Christ. 
  2. It will reveal present patterns of spiritual behavior that impede or enhance personal growth. 
  3. It will provide a foundation for developing new patterns of spiritual devotion. 
  4. It will encourage practical action steps toward a deeper walk with the Lord.

The Spiritual Competencies Profile has proven to be an invaluable instrument for motivating Christian men and women to reexamine and refresh the devotional commitments of their lives.

Dr. Richard Parrott and Dr. Terry Wardle developed The Spiritual Competencies Profile in 2002 at Ashland Theological Seminary in Ashland, Ohio.